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Super stoked on the 11m Delerium2! Wanted to give you guys some feedback on my last few sessions. So easy to get it to settle back in the window and drift down the line as you ride the wave. Most impressed that it just sits right back in the window and doesn’t want to suddenly dart forward into the window where you risk riding past the kite. I ride in onshore conditions and find it well suited for this direction where good drift makes things easy.
When I’ve needed to jet around to the next section it loops nicely with consistent pull through the loop and didn’t want to tear me off the board. Seems to fly well either parked and can just chug along but does respond well to being sined up and down and generates speed quite well too. Anyway, I look forward to getting my hands on some more sizes soon I hope. Cheers. Guy

Guy Robinson, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
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